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We believe, at home or on the road, coffee should be simple to perfect. Our range of equipment, classes and accessories are carefully selected to ensure just that. After all, Hot Air Roasted coffee prepared correctly with simple equipment means a delicious brew, every time.

Perfect Cup Class

Have you ever wondered how your local barista makes coffee look so easy?

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Allpress Airtight Canister

Little & Often.

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Allpress Barista Guide

Find the truth to our great Allpress Flavour.

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Kalita Glass Server

This classy glass server is designed for use with a filter cone.

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Kalita Pouring Kettle

It’s the finer details that can bring ultimate enjoyment to preparing your filter brew.

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Kalita Scoop

Filter cone brewing is all about personal taste, and the Kalita Scoop lets you tailor your coffee to perfection.

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Kalita Wave Filter Cone

On or off the beaten track, coffee should be simple to prepare and simple to enjoy.

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Kalita Wave Filter Papers 185

Don’t forget the papers.

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Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

This stainless steel mini hand grinder can see you buying whole beans and grinding fresh, anywhere.

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